Our Story

Since 2003, studio Chartreuse has been telling the stories of businesses and products, large and small… visually. We thrive due to great chemistry backed by experience, style and smarts. Our ability to collaborate and challenge each other and our clients brings forth the best possible ideas and delivers stylized solutions. It’s what keeps us fresh and makes things fun. And isn’t that what it’s all about? We think so! So, why Chartreuse?

The Studio

Move over Mad Men! Since the spring of 2007, studio Chartreuse has been calling Madison Avenue home. And just as we’d approach any new project, we designed the space to meet the needs of a stylish design studio and community gathering space. From the high shine on the wood floors to the high gloss tin ceilings, the open floor space for creative collaboration to the cozy back room for small group meetings, each and every component of our space inspires and invites ideas and guests alike.

Petit Parc

In the spring of 2008 studio Chartreuse partnered with an area landscape architect to design a functional outdoor work and entertaining space. The “petit parc” has become a destination for many client brainstorming sessions, Art in the Parc; an annual celebration of local artists & clients, networking and social evening soirées. (Not to mention home to many feathered friends and our resident chipmunks.)

Why Chartreuse?



The color Chartreuse brings forth a strong reaction  and we like to think design does as well. Chartreuse is both classic and modern. You might find it on pillows nestled on a warm gray couch in a downtown loft of today. Or, if caught in a time warp, it’s certain to decorate a kitchen countertop or tickle your feet as a shaggy rug. The uniqueness and evocativeness are inspiring – just like our design efforts.



Chartreuse is a liqueur that packs a powerful punch. It’s a strong blend of 130 herbs and spices dating back to 1600. Carthusian monks of the Chartreuse region created Chartreuse initially as an elixir for long-life and then produced in quantity. Today, only 3 brothers know the true secrets on how to make this intoxicating blend of green liquid fire. It’s distinct, fast acting, long lasting, and fun. It adds that certain “Je ne sais pas” to any occasion. We like to think we do, too!



Chartreuse is a mountain range in eastern France. A diverse terrain of picturesque rolling countryside and farmland set against breathtaking 2,000 meter-high peaks, it’s dotted with inviting French manors and comfortable village homes. The region is alive with the sounds of nature and lively banter in a language we adore. Chartreuse is charming and quaint, worldly and full of history. Field trip, someday? Most definitely.

Our Sprites

Is our team creative? Yes. But we can’t take all of the credit. We’re almost certain that our resident sprites sprinkle some of the finishing touches – that little extra wink – to all of our work.