23 Mar An Afternoon with Alt Together

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of hosting a few of our client partners, vendors and friends of the studio to enjoy some of the empowering keynote talks from this years Alt Summit from sunny Palm Springs, CA.
If you aren’t familiar with Alt Summit, it is THE premiere conference for creative entrepreneurs and stylish social media influencers. At the conference, they offer classes and information for a broad range of media, design, small business and social media skill levels. Alt’s original name was Altitude Design Summit, but it didn’t take long for nicknames Alt Summit and Alt to take over. The conference started as a gathering for design bloggers, however as the new media landscape has changed, the content and attendees have changed too. They now draw creative, design-appreciative entrepreneurs across all sorts of platforms — pinners, Instagrammers, vloggers, shop 
owners, content creators, designers, and yes, still bloggers. If you ever have the opportunity to attend this
conference (typically end of February,) run don’t walk. It is amazing!
Anyhow, this year the conference offered a remote ticket approach to the event; meaning if you couldn’t be there, you could still watch some of the best Keynotes, panels and more all from the comfort of your own couch — or in our case, our studio lounge! While it wasn’t totally the same as visiting the sunny California hot spot, it made for a pretty fun Friday at the studio. Although the Cleveland weather was typically chilly outside, inside the studio our gathering was decorated with blow-up palm trees and flamingo rafts, springy miraculous florals and lots of west coast treats including chips & salsa, margaritas and lemon shortbread cookies. Citrus anyone?
As a group we enjoyed the opening Keynote featuring longtime fashionista-turned-author-and-healer, Stacy London, of the once hit series What Not to Wear. Stacy told the story of her most recent life changing events and how they brought her to a more peaceful, centered lifestyle and awareness to her actions. She was witty, a bit wild and lots of fun. A few of us went into the talk with not much of an opinion about her, however once completed we felt connected and inspired by her advice and wisdom. Most recently Ms. London wrote a piece for Refinery 29 on her year of “going broke”. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read it, it is well worth your time. Thank you Stacy for being so vulnerable and real, we truly appreciated your candor.
The second talk we watched was by the uber creative Justina Blakeney, founder and designer of The Jungalow; a home and lifestyle shopping destination for everything “jungalicious”. Justina’s talk was about her growth as a designer and entrepreneur, the story of how the company has grown and the “what’s next?” for her wildly popular brand. Her playful yet reserved approach to growing a creative business was one that resonated with our group. Her ability to separate what lives on her personal Instagram and what lives on her business account was a topic of discussion that most of our guests could relate to, leaving everyone inspired to “farm” both accounts in a more thoughtful manner. Most of all, we loved how Justina felt like she could be everyones bestie ­­— her warmth and passion for her work resonated with all of us. Many of us previously followed her pages and now feel super invested in her own personal and professional successes. Congrats Justina on your creative talents and being a smart, strong business woman. You are a mentor to many of us.

So while we weren’t physically able to attend Alt Summit this year, it is FOR SURE on our list of MUST-Do’s for next year. It was also a great experience (and experiment) that “attending” a conference remotely was pretty effective and inspiring even if we weren’t there in person…perhaps the margaritas helped! 🙂

(Thanks for the great pictures Michelle Loufman)