09 Jan At the Studio: Designer Desks

Here at studio Chartreuse, our designers spend a good amount of time at their desks bringing our clients’ creative needs to life. And just as we are proud of the work we produce for them, we’re also proud of the spaces we’ve each created and share together in our Lakewood studio. In celebration of National Clean Your Desk Day today (the second Monday in January, appropriately), we’re inviting you to take a look at what each each designer keeps on her desk – and what one thing she can’t live without (Clean Desk Day or not)!



The one thing I can’t live without on my desk is my DELL mouse (insert giggle, gasp, what have you) I know it is so opposite of what every Mac lover is supposed to use, but I somehow just love it. It is my throwback to when I started designing on a “U-Mac” (google that!). I also find that sometimes working in an open space it is helpful to my creative process to throw on some good headphones, crank up the tunes and let my creativity flow.




Okay, okay, on my desk you’ll always find snacks. Everyone always teases me about (being part squirrel) my snacking, but honestly it helps me get through a busy day of packaging projects and also juggling my role as Mom to my three kiddos! I also would remised I didn’t mention my fancy “readers”…cheers to potential new contacts this year, here’s to a first!



I am a true list maker – note taker. On my desk you will find very neatly written to-do lists, client project lists and potentially a shopping list or two! I tend to always be drinking a cup of hot tea which sits upon my hand-silkscreened wooden coaster from college…it is a bit of home at work.




On my desk you’ll most likely find a nod to nature and some pretty inspiration. My current plant doesn’t need too much care and sits in a stylish blue & white marble planter, I love how happy the design of it looks on the corner of my desk. I am also obsessed with all sorts of luxurious hand creams which keep my manicures looking fresh between my “designer” and “new mom” roles.

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