Celebrating ten years!

Thank you to those of you who were able to swing by the Transformer Station to help us celebrate our ten years of doing creative design work in Northeast Ohio.

The party was a very fun evening and it was so great to see so many of our family, friends and clients out on the town; especially during the busy holiday season.

We feel very lucky to have such wonderful people who support us and encourage us to grow and change and most of all make great work. Thank you.

A big thanks to Gatherings Kitchen for the wonderful sweets, treats
and potent cocktails…everyone loved them.

Cheers to another successful ten years in business.
Wonder where the next party will be?

(photography by Aster & Olive Photography)

summer fun : make & take a succulent garden

For our final Summer School-lite learning workshop we decided it would be fun to learn about something not related to design, business or city politics; instead we polished our green thumbs and took turns assembling our own individual succulent gardens.

The event began with Charity talking about some of our most recent fun projects. From a crisp new identity system to a sweetly styled photo shoot, it was fun to share recent studio happenings with our guests.

After a loose “how-to” the garden-making was in full swing. The guests negotiated with one another for their perfect container, then helped each another choose the perfect selction of plants for their garden. It truly was a group project.

Thinking about planting your own succulent garden? Here are a few tips:

1) First you want to gather your supplies. An assortment of succulents and cacti, cacti & succulent soil, gravel, decorative containers and gloves to protect those sparkly mani’s. I purchased most of my supplies at Gale’s Garden Center, Petitti’s and the soil at Home Depot (although they sometimes offer succulent plants as well!)

2) Choose your favorite container. Think about where you will place your garden in the space, this should dictate what type of container you use. I found the green organic-shaped one above at Unique Thrift!

3) Fill the bottom of your container with stones to all the roots of the plants to sit above the moisture. This is especially important when your container DOES NOT have holes.

4) Use the cacti & succulent soil (made with less clay) and cover the rocks about an inch or so below the top of the container.

5) Arrange a variety of plants to make an interesting arrangement. Think of it as making your own flower arrangement. Focus on variety of color, height and leaf texture. Ultimately you want to assemble something YOU think looks great…that’s all that matters. 

Remember to water LIGHTLY these plants do not need a lot of water. With that said they do HEART the warmth of the sun so put them on a table or shelf near a bit of Cleveland sunshine and they will flourish all winter long.

It was a great summer at the studio and we can’t wait to see everyone at Le Petit Parc next year! Happy fall, happy succulent gardens!

summer fun : Mayor Mike Summers

This summer we hosted a series of creative learning events, but none more interesting
to fellow Lakewood residents and business owners than lunch with
Lakewood’s honorable Mayor Mike Summers.

After dining on take out from Nate’s, each attendee was to jot down “if you could ask for anything for this part of Lakewood (the west part of Madison Avenue & surrounding streets) what would it be?” We took turns as we pitched our ideas of community supported events for local architects, musicians and makers. We suggested other like-minded development opportunities in addition to arts-focused businesses. Everyone in our neighborhood did a shout out for a good coffee and sandwich shop withing walking distance! Any takers out there?

After we pitched our ideas to the Mayor, he shared with us all the exciting development progress that is planned for Madison Avenue in 2014. From new water lines, to paving and perhaps some new street scaping, these improvements will bring a fresh look and feel to the neighborhood. The goal is to promote growth and a resurgence of entrepreneurs, businesses and awareness of the fun area vibe.

Mayor Mike Summers was insightful and kind and everyone who took time out of their business day to attend was left with a sense of pride to be associated with such a progressive city. Thank you Mayor, it was a true privilege to enjoy some hummus and fatoosh over economic development conversation. We’ll have to do it again soon!

summer fun : create & communicate

For our second event in the “Summer School-lite” series we decided to explore what having an “online presence” means. Piper Toth of One Sydney Road as well as Charity and Michelle led the discussion while many of the over thirty attendees added valuable feedback and content, making this a truly collaborative morning.

The discussion centered around the four main avenues of your online presence, including your website, any blogging you participate in, your “social” activity and your ability to sell and make money online. It was a great learning and sharing session for all who attended. Thanks Piper for all of your insight, we always learn a bunch from you!

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