28 Mar Collaboration Series: The Cleveland Museum of Art

At studio Chartreuse, we know that a great idea can be that much better when collaborating with our clients. Often, our clients come to us with a simple ask or early idea. As we work together we see the idea grow into something much more, bringing a vision to life through design and detail. We wanted to share the stories behind some of these collaborations in hopes that it will inspire you to stretch your thinking or just provide that nudge to get started on your next design project.

•  One of our most recent successful partnerships is with The Cleveland Museum of Art. •
As patrons, we spend our weekends at the CMA with our families and friends. We enjoy a happy hour (or two!) in their atrium. We welcome the Summer Solstice at their annual celebration. And, of course, we explore the many exhibitions throughout the gorgeous space.

So, when we were approached to collaborate with their team to elevate their centennial year event communications and drive awareness and attendance, we were honored and totally on board.



Above: Art and Stories from Mughal India

The Cleveland Museum of Art is home to a collection of masterpieces – some soft with watercolors, some sculpted and structured. And let’s not forget about those marvelous gilded frames! Art, in and of themselves. We wanted our communications to celebrate every artistic detail that makes the CMA so special.

Chinese gallery


Above: The reinstallation of The Kelvin & Eleanor Smith Foundation Japanese Art galleries
We upgraded the traditional postcard mailer and brought in folding techniques that made the “un-boxing” moment more of a discovery for the recipient.

pharaoh CMA chartreusepharaoh CMA chartreuse

Above: Pharaoh, King of Ancient Egypt

We added gold-foil stamping and engraving to add heft and importance to the event, making them “not to be missed” moments for the museum and their donors.

These invitations helped to drive greater than anticipated attendance and aimed to match the art within the museum – as much as one can. Our partnership with CMA has been a true example of how detail and design can drive results. And a true example of what we love to add to each and every project.

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