24 Jan Flat Stanley

For a group of three designing women, we were especially happy to welcome a very special man into our office: Flat Stanley! He came to us through Michelle’s family friend, Jonah Dennis, a 2nd grader in Bartow, Florida. Jonah’s class was participating in a Flat Stanley project to learn about geography, climates/weather, history and life in different parts of the country.
Flat Stanley couldn’t have arrived at a better time. In addition to experiencing fall football season and the changing colors of the leaves in Northeast Ohio, he was also able to accompany us in our design excursion travels to Seattle. He was quite the easy travel companion! After a long journey via the United States Postal Service, he was absolutely famished, so his time began by joining us for lunch at Market at the Fig and visiting the historic West Side Market.

After a weekend in Cleveland, Flat Stanley headed off to the airport to head out to the Pacific Northwest for a big adventure before heading back to Florida. 

His highlights of the trip? In Cleveland, he was especially impressed with Ohio City Pasta’s ravioli selection and the size of our Great Lake Erie.  In Seattle, he enjoyed sampling all the Theo’s chocolate he could fit in his flat stomach, discussing his travels with the golden pigs at the Public Market, and art directing our letterpress designs at Bremelo Press.

Thank you Jonah for introducing us to a new friend!