04 May our studio retreat


The day started out with a report of the biggest blizzard known to Cleveland in years. Schools were closed the night before, grocery stores were wiped out while families hankered down to prep for the storm… NOT US! We had a creative retreat planned, and nothing was going to stop our team from spending a solid day together – out of the studio – planning for a successful, creative year ahead.


Somehow we all managed to get downtown to the Schofield Hotel in one piece, where we squirreled away in a funky room filled with so many incredible design details and inspiration. We reviewed the year before – what worked; what didn’t. We considered client collaborations that were inspiring to us, and how we could continue those relationships to further perform as part of their design team.


Meanwhile, the snow had stopped, but it felt as if we had downtown all to ourselves. The roads below our corner room were clear but there was barely anyone out and about. It was surreal to think that just a few months ago, the Cavaliers Championship Parade filled the streets below with celebrations. We enjoyed lunch downstairs at the Parker with big bowls of soup to shake the snowstorm woes away, then hung out in their super fun lobby for a bit (for a silly photo opp)!


From there we headed back up to our suite where the magic happened. During our afternoon “process deep dive” we defined all of the steps of our design business that make us and our partners successful. We set in motion why we are special, how we help our clients (& future clients), and how every project should work like clockwork. The “process”, that we knew like the back of our hand, was finally defined and written in stone – or, better yet, gold foil stamped. 😉 We couldn’t wait to get back to the studio to put our wheels in motion.


Spending the day away from our routine and our desks allowed us to shift our thinking inward, assessing our studio with a fine tooth comb. We recognize that it is hard to step away from client needs, but this day out of the studio was so much more than a review. It was a chance for us to have some fun while we planned for an incredible year ahead… snow storm or not, there is nothing getting in the way of this design studio!

If you are looking for a little shift in perspective, we encourage you to step away from your day-to-day and spend some time away. We promise it will be totally worth it!

Thanks to our studio friend M. Witt for swinging by with her camera to capture a few fun shots of how the retreat played out.