16 Feb Patton Painting home show

At this year’s Cleveland Home and Garden Show, there was a shiny new booth on the block. Patton Painting, a painting and contracting business located in Westlake, Ohio partnered with Chartreuse to develop and design their colorful new booth for the annual exhibition.

(Sara showcasing a job well done.)

From the larger than life paint swatch deck to the refreshed logo and cheerful banner, the booth was a gleaming example of good design. The guys over at Patton Painting were so excited and involved in the whole process they actually took it one step further by building custom booth cabinetry, making a series of colored display boxes and a smaller scale swatch deck that their sales force could use to stir up conversation with attendees. Great work Patton Painting, we were proud to be part of your trade show design development.

(Look! The paint swatch deck is almost as tall as Michelle)

By the way, there is still time to get in on their “Will Work For Food” campaign. Hire any painter ($349) or carpenter ($429) for a day’s worth of work and they will donate $100 of that to the Cleveland Food Bank. It truly is a wonderful promotion from a civic-minded local business. Check them out at www.pattonpainting.com