26 Jun Rosé All Day!

Happy Summer everyone. Hope you had an incredible Summer Solstice weekend and are prepping for the upcoming long 4th holiday weekend. Hasn’t this summer just been incredible? Longer days, lots of sunshine, there is a feeling of “casual” in the air and who can forget to mention lots of Rosé? Last week at the studio we hosted an impromptu, handful of clients and collaborators for an afternoon at our Petite Parc for a seated Rosé tasting. In between the four different wines we spent time getting to know one another better, learning about fun summer happenings and providing a safe space for collaboration and growth. A bit of work and a whole lot of summer fun. Thats’ what summer is about, right? Have a great week you guys..it’s time for a glass of wine!


Thanks to our friend Katie Ardner for taking such pretty pics to capture the tasting. Lower left hand pic by Shibani Faenhle of Bombay Taxi Boutique, thanks Shibani!