06 Nov #RosewoodAveMural

It was a early summer day when Charity took our team on a “surprise lunch.” We all piled into her car and trusted we would be going somewhere new and yummy for lunch…instead we ended up on the side of a road, in a quiet parking lot with Charity all giggles and full of excitement. “This is it!” she excitedly exclaimed. “This is Rosewood Ave, the street we are going to bring to life with color and happiness for Lakewood!”


The City of Lakewood had just sent out a call for artists to design a mural that would be the first of its kind for the City. They had plans to close down the cut-through street and integrate it as part of the playground park close by. A place for area residents to ride bikes and skateboards, to play with hulla hoops and get creative as a community. This wasn’t going to be any typical mural, it was actually going to be painted directly on the street. The design team at the studio was excited and up for the challenge.

GRAPHIC_POSITIVITY_Ice_Cream_Social_41GRAPHIC_POSITIVITY_Ice_Cream_Social_33Each designer brainstormed and designed their own mural concept. These ideas included everything from a detailed floral garden illustration, to a street filled with games for playing, to a more detailed depiction of the city landscape…there was a handful of unique ideas presented to the selection committee. After an interview with the City Public Arts Committee, our team was selected to execute our design “Graphic Positivity,” a bold, graphic, fun place where kids and adults could gather to place and have conversations, to practice yoga or meet up for ice cream.

GRAPHIC_POSITIVITY_Ice_Cream_Social_01With the help of Sherwin Williams, it took our team about three weeks to install the large street mural. The completion was celebrated with a community-wide ice cream social complete with an ice cream truck, colorful balloons for the kids and a chalk-your-own mural play area.

GRAPHIC_POSITIVITY_Ice_Cream_Social_02GRAPHIC_POSITIVITY_Ice_Cream_Social_63The mural has been recognized by local media and regional arts organizations as the first of it’s kind; a place for the Lakewood community to celebrate coming together as one group of engaged citizens through color, shapes & positive vibes. If you haven’t been able to stop by and check it out, try and swing by before the snow sets in…although there is always next summer.

GRAPHIC_POSITIVITY_Ice_Cream_Social_53GRAPHIC_POSITIVITY_Ice_Cream_Social_79Thank you to the City of Lakewood for selecting our team to design and install your first real public arts initiative. We feel honored to have had the opportunity to work alongside your team. Also thanks to our studio Chartreuse design clients for being patient about us responding to your design needs later in the afternoon and evening. Without your encouragement and support we could have never done it!

(photography by Bridget Caswell)