27 Feb Storytelling through visuals with infographics

At studio Chartreuse, we use our design skills and expertise to create and guide brand awareness for our diverse set of clients. A significant and effective way of doing so is by sharing our clients’ stories through specific marketing pieces, such as infographics.

Infographics are a wonderful way to visually communicate to your audiences both online and off. They can often be printed and passed out as collateral and are highly shareable online through outlets like e-mail and blogs, as well as social media platforms like Pinterest. Although infographics have been a popular source of content for several years now, their effectiveness has only been growing. In a recent study published by Adweek, 40% of marketers said infographics are the most engaging visual content type distributed by their brands.

We have the pleasure of designing infographics for a number of clients including the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Clinic, and Team NEO. Scroll below to see and learn more about these projects, and of course feel free to share on Pinterest, too!





Whether you have an existing brand that needs design love or you are just starting to think about your brand, we are equipped to guide you while helping you carry out your vision at any stage of the process with your infographic creation or other creative needs. Contact us!

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